Hook up with your professor

Now, this isn't high school anymore, so your college professor probably won't end up in jail if it's found that she's been using your 2 Ticonderoga pencil to teach a physics lesson about how there would be greater force if you would either just increase your mass or pick up the damn acceleration already. However, most college professors probably have some sort of moral ethics and standard decency, so you're going to have to be a smooth little teacher's pet if you want to give Pi Day a whole new meaning. Take heed to the following advice and tread carefully on this path of sexual promiscuity you young horny grasshopper, you. If you're like most normal college students, you avoid the front of the lecture hall as if it's occupied by a bunch of loony anti-vaxxers and you're afraid of coming down with a case of an education. Although, most college students also aren't part of their professor's daily ass-ignments, so make your rather average looking face familiar to the professor, and try not to blend in with the rest of the back row sitting, non-teacher banging peasants.

A New Study Reveals How Many College Students Hook Up With Their Professors

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles References. After all, is there anything better than sitting back and observing your crush for a full class period? This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 9 references. Getting a Date. Learn more. Learn more Check out their ring finger on their left hand. Is there a wedding ring? If there is no ring, try to determine if they have a significant other.

Listen up, and see if they throw out any hints. I think I saw you and your [girlfriend or boyfriend] at a restaurant last weekend. Was that you? However, even if your teacher is believed to be straight, remember they can also be bisexual, or their sexual orientation may not be known on campus. Some universities ban them completely, while others only strongly discourage them. This information may not make a difference to you, but it can help you determine how difficult it might be to convince your professor.

Your relationship may be technically permissible, and therefore it may not take much convincing at all. Determine the risk and reward. If you signed up for a random class solely in hopes of seducing the professor, you may not have much to lose. However, if your professor is also head of the department for your major, you should probably consider outcomes before diving in headfirst.

If the professor rejects you, will you be OK? If you know you have to take three more courses with them to get your major, tread carefully. Classes can be even more difficult if you have a strained relationship with your professor. If you successfully seduce them, could a relationship negatively affect your academic future? Be a good student. Pay attention in class and act interested in the material being taught. Participate in class discussions, answer questions, and take good notes.

Stay off your cell phone and avoid daydreaming. Look truly interested in every word your professor is saying. Remember, they are doing their job, and your interest in the subject will please them. Look good in class. Keep your outfits school-appropriate, but wear things that flatter you. Looking neat and polished will also show them that you respect their class. Try to look more elegant and mature than your peers: Putting a little extra effort into your appearance can also raise your confidence.

Use body language. Smile at your professor in class, and try to hold their eye contact whenever you can. Be a little shameless— if you know you have a great physical feature, find a way to discreetly show it off. Bend over to grab a pen, adjust your clothing to give a little peek, or simply take your time walking to your seat before class begins. The goal is to get their eyes on you. Don't stare while making eye contact.

If they catch you looking, simply hold their gaze for a little longer than it's socially comfortable, and smile. If they smile back at you, it's a good sign! Go to office hours. Many professors are required to hold office hours and a lot of students do not take advantage of them. Go to their office hours regularly to get help with an assignment, talk about exam prep, or ask for help with a paper. However, once you have developed the habit of seeing your professor during their office hours, you may come and just talk for a while about any other topic, not related with school.

By this time, they will probably realize you are interested in them. Familiarity can lead to fondness. Simply getting in face time with your professor can lead to them developing feelings. Talk to them before and after class. Try to arrive to your classroom or lecture hall a few minutes early, and make it a point to greet your professor with a smile. Say hello, ask them how their day is going, discuss an aspect of the class, whatever!

They will appreciate your friendly and outgoing nature. Email them. Ask them with a question about class or about a homework assignment. Share your thoughts on an interesting discussion brought up during class. Send them a link to an article that you think they would find interesting. Just do anything to make yourself stand out, and find reasons to start a dialogue. In your e-mails, stay professional, but a little bit playful. If you're sending an e-mail at night or during a day off, think of a witty way to justify this.

If your professor uses smileys, include a winky face too. Every professor's boundaries in correspondence are different, and you have to figure out the best way of writing to your teacher. You don't want to be just another student who sends them boring e-mails every other day. If you overdo it, you will be a nuisance. Engage them in conversation unrelated to class. This technique works particularly well during office hours. If they seem friendly and not pressed for time, try talking about topics unrelated to class.

Ask them about their background and how they became a professor. Office hours also provide the luxury of privacy. Drop hints. Put a little gift and a note on their desk. Try to think of something small that your professor really needs. Do they constantly borrow pens from students? Get them one. Are they usually tired in class?

Offer them a coffee. Do they complain about not having enough time to eat? Bring them a home-made muffin. This way, you can keep the note playful and light. Tell them that you really like them, and you want them to have it. Pay attention to their signals. Observe how your professor interacts with you versus other students.

Do they give you a lot of eye contact? Are they friendly and receptive to your attempts at conversation? Do they treat you differently than other students? This may or may not be possible, but it is a great thing to do if you can manage it. Try to find out where they spend time on the weekends or after class. If they mentioned being a regular at a certain coffee shop near campus, do your studying there.

If they brought up that their favorite musician was playing a gig that weekend, get tickets. Don't be a stalker! If they eat lunch at the same place every day, ask them if you can sit with them. Make a move at the end of the semester. Make an appointment to talk with them after final grades have been submitted. Try to steer the conversation towards other topics as well.

If they seem receptive and you are feeling brave, casually ask them to coffee. Most professors will not date you before the course has ended because of ethical and professional conflict. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Hot for my teacher." Now, this isn't high school anymore, so your college professor probably won't end up in jail if it's found that she's been. If you can't determine their relationship status from afar, be bold. After class, walk up to your professor and say something like, “Hi, Professor!.

When I was a senior in college, I took this really difficult English literature class. The only good thing about it was that my year-old professor, Peter not his real name , was so hot. And smart.

But I was in for another rude awakening when I found out the main purpose of this class was for us to design a research project and at the end, write a page proposal. Totally makes sense and a very useful thing for me to learn how to do.

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Hooking Up With Your Professor: A How-To

With shows like Pretty Little Liars and Friends normalizing professor-student relationships, it isn't quite clear whether or not these kinds of connections are actually ethically OK. Wondering if you can you date your RA, TA, or professor? This isn't a question you should feel ashamed ask, especially if you spend a lot of quality time with them. Between office hours, dorm meetings, and recitation, it's perfectly natural to feel somewhat bonded to these authority figures. At the time, Fitz didn't know Montgomery would become his high school English student, but he continued to pursue a relationship with her after he found out.

I Hooked Up With My Professor

If you find yourself lingering often after class for a few more snippets of conversation, or spending a little too much time staring instead of listening during lectures, you might be interested in dating your professor. Given the many rules on colleges about relationships between teachers and students, this can be a bit tricky. But, if you play your cards right during the semester, you can get your professor interested, learn a little more about him or her, and start a relationship with an educated professional. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 28 references. Getting a Date. Dates mit deinem Professor. Learn more. Learn more Go to class regularly.

They say love knows no bounds. It neither holds back nor forces itself into being felt by people; it just happens.

And, well, our readers delivered. Without further comment, here are their 10 best submissions.

I Hooked Up With My Professor And It Was Weird

When I was a senior in college, I took this really difficult English literature class. The only good thing about it was that my year-old professor, Peter not his real name , was so hot. And smart. Yeah, he was pretty much the sexiest man ever. At first, I tried to keep my cool and stay away from him, since he graded my papers and all. But after a particularly flirty one-on-one meeting, I couldn't hold back. So I asked him if he had time that night to discuss the grad program he'd completed He said yes! I spent the rest of the afternoon in panic mode. I paced around my room for hours, trying on a thousand different outfits seriously and wondering if our "meeting" would end up just a meeting. It didn't: Peter slept over that night.

The 10 Best Student-Professor Sex Stories, Courtesy of Our Own Readers

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Hooking Up With Your Professor: A How-To

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Doc, I'm interested in my college professor!! What should I do???
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