Dating a guy with a pregnant girlfriend

I recently started dating a guy a couple of months ago; we met on a dating site back in January and were talking for about four months before we actually met. The first 3 weeks were magical! Well, we had gotten into a fight because of his trust issues. His ex wife screwed with his head and cheated on him a lot so, he brought those trust issues into our relationship. We made up and got back together and things were good for a few more weeks and he became upset that I had checked my email on a couple of dating site that I used before I met him.

What Should I Do If I’m Pregnant and He’s Pulling Away?

It must be difficult for a young person to deal with all these issues at once. I do get the impression that it too all your energy to put this experience on here, but rest assure that you will be okay, because you have your wits in tact. You saw the signs, but you were not sure what was happening, now that you know you need to know how to approach this situation.

The first thing we must be sure about is if you are the person responsible for the pregnancy, once we establish that then we need to know why she insisting in staying away, because it could be that she is not really in love with you. You are her friend for sure, but a relationship is not where her head is at, after a couple of months, she is struggling to love you is not a good sign. What I was concerned about is the fact that she came back in the relationship not because she could not do without you, not that she thought you were the great guy for her, but because These things must be taken very seriously, how can you allow yourself to be treated like this, you deserve better than this.

If you are responsible for the pregnancy, I would advise you to wait it out, support the pregnancy and be there for you child, but as far as a relationship goes, this is not the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Not because you got someone pregnant you should believe it makes for a relationship, it would be good to have a family, but with someone who loves you and cares about you.

Thank you for the great advice but I still think that she is the girl for me that the reason she lost her feelings because of the pregnancy hormones even her mom said that when she gives birth to the child her feelings would rushback to her she's just confused right now I think. Mate I'm going through the same thing mine left me at the 2 month mark if u are still in this nightmare let me know I have a lot of information on this topic and happy ending stories that will give you hope it's a matter of being strong they will come back in the end get in touch on here if you wanna talk more.

Are u in the uk pat? I have about the same problem possibly worst i was with her for a year and half both working 1st shift then she was offered to get hired in on 2nd shift shewas a temp. She had children already so i offered to watch them so she could take the position since we lived together after 2 months found out she started talking to another guy at that time i moved out. After a week we worked things out and things were good then found out she was pregnant and then had an early miscarriage after that she became distant but we still talked every day.

A few more months passed by still on different shifts when she started talking about living together and getting married shortly after she tells me she is pregnant again but a few days after tells me she had been cheating with the guy i mentioned earlier and now not sure whose child it is. My feelings are still strong for her and i dont know what to do she tells me she wants it o be mine but is still distant i dont know what to believe anymore.

Thanks for any advice i know i should have walked away sooner but i am madly in love with her and she was my bestfriend also. Whether you love her or not is not the issue now, you have been cheated on and dishonesty is the breaking back to any relationship. Let me just say to you that you need to remove yourself from her life, When the child is born explore whether is was your child or not, then take care of your kid, but as it relates to being with this woman, just forget it. I am happy that she was honest with you, but for our own sanity and health and the prospect of finding someone without the drama, then forget about her.

Thanks for taking the time to reply its hard just to cut someone out like that but your right it is in my best interest to let go. Hi can anyone that has gone through this please contact me I'm going through the same and I really need someone to talk to who is going through this or has been through it. Is this thread still active? I have a similar situation i'd like some advice on.

Reading from your past posts, you seem to give very fruitful advice too. Are you still here? More of a question then advice, but let me give you the short version. I was dating my ex for over four years before she got pregnant about 7 months ago. Like most couples during that first four years we had our ups and downs but we were currently going strong at a year with no major fights or break ups before we found out she was pregnant an accident but a blessing none the less.

We were living together and things took a turn for the worse, while pregnant, she fell for a guy at her job. A much older guy, he's 39 and she just turned I found out that they had been seeing each-other for a few weeks and got very upset and this caused many verbal fights in our apartment. One day I came home from a long day at work and she was with her mom packing up her things. Long story short is that she was cheating on my with this guy from work.

We both know its my kid, because she says she wasn't seeing him that early in the year. Now here comes the twist. Ive come to learn that the man she left me for, was also left by HIS pregnant ex who is about as far along as my ex girlfriend. I feel like he used her for a replacement.. I told her I am too hurt after what she did. She blames the pregnancy and hormones but I don't think that's fair to me. You did not leave her, she left you and now she wants you back, so it is a matter of technicality or some would say semantics.

The real question is do you still love this woman? What she did was indeed wrong, you had your ups and down but the relationship was getting better until the co-worker got in the way. I do not think it was the co-worker why she packed and left, it was the fact that you both were fighting about this and she in her pregnant state felt unloved and hurt and needed to get away from the fighting.

I want you to put your pride aside and think and if there is any love at all between you are the woman is who carrying your child, please forgive and reconcile. I know men, and I know you were hurt when another guy came into the picture, I can see you now cussing her out and using your big voice on her. If you can find it in your heart to forgive her and give her a second try then you are a bigger man for it. Life has its ups and down, there are some things we think should not happen to us, but we are called to a greater responsibility and that is to love unconditionally, she is asking for a second chance, why not give it to her.

I know you are scared, take your time. Let me hope a lesson was learnt but starting over new with someone else doesn't guarantee issues to come, this is life. SeanP99 Dude you are allowed to feel hurt. If you don't want to talk to her about getting back together, then don't. She will have to deal with it. She left you. Talk to her only about things that concerns the baby. But as for relationship or taking her back? Think hard and long about that.

My peace of advice. Forget the fact that she's pregnant for a moment and consider that she left you for someone else. Just let that sink in for a moment. I mean dude, if she left you for someone else , she didn't even care enough to care about how you feel. I wouldn't take her back if I were you. She left you for another guy.

And if that guy hadn't made up with his ex girlfriend, she would have still be with him. Don't be anyone's second best. She didn't come back to you because she realized that she loved you. No she came back because the other dude dumped her. You can't have her thinking that its okay to cheat on you, leave you for someone else, and then to come back to you a little while later. I mean if you love her and you want to make it work, then go ahead. But be prepared for it to happen again.

If she can leave you that simple being pregnant with your baby, let alone when she is not. This isn't about pride or ego. This is about self respect and self worth. When she left, she could have cared less about your feelings. Your feelings matter. Don't let her treat you like her doormat. No one that loves you or at least cares about you and respects you, would leave you so quickly while being pregnant with your child.

She was going to play house with the other dude and let him take care of your child if he hadn't dumped her. She is blaming her hormones for this? That is just a poor excuse. Don't fall for that. She left you because she wanted to and thought that the grass was greener on the other side. My ex girl to had pulled this stunt on me while being pregnant with my daughter.

The other guy had a better job and more money. So she left me to be with him. But when she left me, I guess he didn't found her interested anymore. Nor did he wanted to take care or have the responsibility of an other mans child. So he dumped her. After he dumped her she wanted to come back to me and try again. She had so many excuses that it was ridiculous.

I was having non of that. She had hurt me badly. I didn't took her back. It was hard. It was hell, but I was determent. I wasn't going to be anyone's second choice or convenient. I made sure I was there for my baby girl and helped her during the rest of the pregnancy. Now we co parent.

Well. the jealous little b**** decided to play upon this by announcing a few weeks later that she was pregnant BY HIM! She told him the'd slept. Its nothing personal but i would rather find someone else than date a pregnant girl. Is it right to date someone who is pregnant by another man? Ladies, would you still date a guy if he had a baby on the way from another woman?.

I am thirty years old and a single mother of three. I have been in 3 bad and abusive relationships, and, eventually moved from that state. I did it with a plan and it did not include any man. About a month after starting my new job two of my coworkers were interested in me, but I was not ready for any type of relationship.

It must be difficult for a young person to deal with all these issues at once.

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His ex is pregnant, should I stay with him?

Oh, baby! Wondering what to expect when you tell him you're pregnant? These guys told us what was going through their minds when they found out they were going to be fathers. I was relieved—a lot of people we knew had trouble getting pregnant. Throughout that day, as the news sunk in I thought, Woo-hoo, we did it…my boys can swim! We got pregnant on our very first try, and I thought that all but impossible.

Guy I Like Has Pregnant Girlfriend

My ex is currently dating someone else. I've previously posted that we weren't in a good relationship. We ended up breaking up and he denies the baby is his and won't answer my phone calls or texts about his son. Now he is dating someone. My question is what do you think of these women who date men who deny their own children? There might be a chance she has no idea he got someone pregnant because he can be very charming and manipulative. If that's the case, I can't blame her because if she doesn't know then that's isn't her fault. She could also know but again he lies and says the baby isn't his and believe him.

His recent ex is actually pregnant by him. When she got pregnant, he told her the best thing would be to get an abortion.

I'm a woman and my primary relationship is with a woman, so I have insight into what we think and feel from both angles. I'm also someone who gave birth to my son but rooted for my daughter's arrival from the other side of the table, so here's some advice I am uniquely equipped to offer. This list is directed mostly at men, but these illuminating tips are really for the benefit of women. Upon initially learning of the pregnancy never, ever shout:

Relationships problems and pregnancy

I had been dating my boyfriend Rob for about a week when he made this pronouncement. Rob has never been anything other than totally upfront about his life. He is divorced, he is a dad to an autistic son, he survived a heart attack, and he is in a seven-year polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend. The guy was supposed to be my rebound, not my polyamorous boyfriend. I met him just a week after having my heart broken by my last boyfriend. I just wanted to hook up, play the field, something that I a serial monogamist have never done before. Now here we are a year later, still together, and he and his other girlfriend are expecting a baby in July. Like any good addict in recovery, I was thinking in terms of one day at a time. If nothing ever felt weird, did that mean we would never talk about anything? If I chose to be with a man with another partner and two children did that mean giving up my dreams of marriage, of having a family of my own with my own partner?

Dear Bossip: I’m Dating A Coworker But His Pregnant Girlfriend Moved In

The baby is due this winter. Any normal person would run in the other direction. I, on the other hand, truly care about him and a part of me wants to stick around, since I know we will have a bright future together. The other part of me thinks about all of the repercussions, from this child possibly coming to search for him one day, to the ex changing her mind and wanting him back, to her wanting him to pay child support, etc. The ex-girlfriend allegedly wants nothing to do with my boyfriend and she is fine with his signing over his rights.

9 Rules for Being the Perfect Partner to a Pregnant Woman

I was in the middle of interviewing a popular yoga teacher for a magazine story when I saw my phone light up. My stomach immediately jumped into my throat. Without much time to explain, I asked the yogi to hold my hand. Your results are in. It had worked. After one sperm donor, two intrauterine inseminations and thousands of dollars paid to the NYU Fertility Center, I was pregnant. I ended my yogi interview with as much Zen as possible, which was not much, then ran into the street, screaming.

New Here? Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me here , peruse the archives here and read popular posts here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for visiting! So, I guess my question is: That said, you have some things you need to think about if you do decide to stick it out with him. Your interaction with the baby would likely be pretty limited until you and your boyfriend become more serious.

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Add your advice in the comments! I'm 22 years old, in college, and experiencing more this year than I ever have in my lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whoring around. Don't get me wrong, he's the only other guy I've slept with, but either way. I've known this other guy for 10 years now, so it's not some random guy. I've always had feelings for him, and he was always in the back of my mind. The thing is, I'm not sure if it's my frustration of feeling alone, or just me being rebellious, but I know I'm not exactly doing the right thing.

She Found Out He Was This Happened..
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