Best way to hook up outdoor christmas lights

Join us to get great money-saving tips, cool ideas, and valuable advice from home improvement expert Don Vandervort! Hang holiday lights like a pro in two hours or less with these expert step-by-step tips for planning, choosing, and hanging Christmas and holiday lights. Buy Christmas Lights at Amazon Now! The best time for hanging Christmas and outdoor holiday lights is before your weather turns wet and cold.

How To: Hang Christmas Lights Outside

If this is your first time in the world of lighting especially connectable lights then it can be a little confusing to begin with. Follow our guide below for an easy way to hang Christmas lights on a house, and you should be fine! To begin with, we state with all of our outdoor lights that the plug should either be plugged indoors, or in a weatherproof outdoor socket. This depends on the cable being thin enough to ensure that the window or door can still be closed and locked with the wire running out our low voltage connectable lights are usually suitable for this.

If you need to run a number of plugs, and sockets are unavailable, you can house plugs and gangs in our weatherproof dri-box range, which can be left outside permanently. This is probably the easiest of assemblies when it comes to installing lights outdoors. Our connectable range are normally the lights that we recommend, as you can just connect each light string together as it runs up the tree.

You can also easily add or detract from your display, editing it until it is the perfect length possible. There are a variety of ways in which you can choose to decorate the tree, and the installation options may well depend on the tree type or size. See the full post here. Installation on a house or roof can take longer to implement, as the lights need to be fixed more securely in place, rather than just being wrapped around a tree.

Again the plug will need to be plugged indoors in most cases, so running the cable through a window from the plug is generally the most common method here. In fact we have a wide range of accessories that can help you install, from wire suckers to different connectable choices. We have now created a specific guide to installing lights on a house, again featuring some instructional videos, so that you can see the different options available to you. This is actually among the more simple outdoor lighting tasks.

You can use fairy lights around the perimeter of a window, or icicle or curtain lights hanging from the top of the window. The former is something that we cover in our guide to installing lights on a window guide, which also features a handy instructional video. And finally… make sure you look after your lights over the summer months! We recommend placing them back in the box they arrived in, coiled up neatly to avoid the frustration of untangling them next year.

Although all outdoor lights are waterproof, we would recommend a dry, cool place to keep them in tip top condition and prevent any moisture creeping in. With a little bit of TLC they should last you for years to come. How to install Christmas lights on a house. Hanging Your Lights Using Hooks? Next Day Delivery Available Until 3: Other exclusions apply. The Festive Blog Christmas. Search Blog. How do you install Christmas lights on a tree? Related articles. Featured Inspiration.

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The best time for hanging Christmas and outdoor holiday lights is before outdoor extension cords, installing hooks and hangers, and so forth. When starting out, it's best to hang lights on one area of your house, like While the traditional method of installing holiday lights was to use.

If this is your first time in the world of lighting especially connectable lights then it can be a little confusing to begin with. Follow our guide below for an easy way to hang Christmas lights on a house, and you should be fine! To begin with, we state with all of our outdoor lights that the plug should either be plugged indoors, or in a weatherproof outdoor socket.

Time to deck the halls, walls, mantles, and trees, and best of all, hang up the Christmas lights!

Despite neighborhood peer pressure, you and you alone dictate the aesthetic direction of your home's holiday display. He who wields the extension ladder in subzero temperatures earns the creative freedom to decorate his yard however he pleases.

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

With Christmas around the corner, decorating the home inside and out is one of the tasks we'll all be busy with this festive season. If you have a back or front garden and are planning to create a welcoming entrance, then using lights can be a stylish and festive way to do so. If you need advice on how to install outdoor tree lighting, lighting specialists Festive Lights , share their top tips. Drape lights for maximum effect. When adding Christmas lights to trees in the garden, simply wrap lights around it from the base upwards — in the same way an indoor tree is decorated.

The dos and don'ts of using outdoor Christmas lights

In countless communities nationwide, hanging outdoor Christmas lights is annual event, and neighbors vie for the best-lit house on the street. With a little pre-planning, and the correct tools and materials, you can tackle the task safely and create an illuminated masterpiece that will be the talk of the block. Extension ladders and step ladders must be sturdy and safe. Instead, climb down and move the ladder over before continuing your job of hanging Christmas lights outside. STEP 1 Design a lighting plan. Stand across the street from your home to help visualize your plan. Do you want to adorn just the eaves or do you aim to decorate porch columns, railings, mailbox posts, fences, and even your trees and shrubs? This example uses a foot. We think 3 inches apart is a nice look. Then, multiply the total 40 in our case by the circumference of the column in feet.

Despite neighborhood peer pressure, you and you alone dictate the aesthetic direction of your home's holiday display.

If you already have your lights or are just starting out, this guide will help you through every step to make hanging your Christmas lights easy and fun this year! Hanging Christmas lights like a pro can be accomplished by anyone, regardless of skill level and experience. With the proper tools and steps, any beginner can successfully light up the exterior of a home. It goes without saying that to hang Christmas lights, you must have Christmas lights!

Safety Tips for Installing Your Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Lights

Your task: Unlike Christmas lighters and decorators before, you will resist the urge to be impulsive and buy too many lights , to not follow instructions, install lights during a storm , stand on the very top of a ladder, or lean too far over and look at the lights while balancing on your sloping roof. If this is your first time, keep it simple. You can always add to your holiday light collection each year, adding more rows, outlining architectural features, or wrapping lights around trees and branches That way, you get a feel for what works, what doesn't, what you like and what you don't. View your home from the perspective of a passerby or driver, because it is from their vantage points that others will be viewing your holiday decorations and lights. Unless you dress up as an elf, hire the local high school glee club to perform and hand out free cocoa, people probably won't be leaving their cars to interact with your holiday lights and yard display. Stepping back and looking at your house will allow you to view it in its entirety—house, yard, porch, etc. Taking a photo will enable you to make a rough sketch of where you want to hang your Christmas lights and display holiday decorations and yard props. For experienced, diehard holiday lighting enthusiasts introduced via the Griswold family in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and perpetuated in every other holiday movie since then , holiday lighting computer programs like Light-O-Rama are available to design displays and synchronize lights and music. Seriously—that thing about safety? Every local newspaper has a story in its archives about a home lighter who fell while hanging Christmas lights.

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights: 7 Essential Tips and Looks

The bulbs should last for at least 10 holiday seasons, and individual bulbs are replaceable if they go out or you can just leave those; the rest of the strand will stay lit. The price is average for LED bulbs, although these do cost more than comparable incandescents. Overall, though, these lights offer better benefits and have fewer drawbacks than any other indoor lights we tested. They are available in multicolor 50 bulbs or bulbs and warm white 50 bulbs or bulbs. The GE lights have sold out quickly the past few years, so if that happens again, we recommend Christmas Designers T5 Smooth LED Lights available in warm white, multicolor, or solid color. In our tests the multicolor lights looked as good as the GEs, while the warm whites had a cooler tone that was a little further from the coziness of an incandescent. These lights are bright, durable, and completely waterproof.

The Best Christmas Lights

According to the National Fire Protection Association , fire departments responded to an average of home fires per year caused by Christmas trees between and , 43 percent of which were started by electrical distribution or lighting equipment. And while outdoor lights are generally not strung along anything quite as combustible as a Christmas tree, they can still pose a risk if you use damaged equipment or overload your circuits, so outdoor holiday light safety is another factor to take into account when planning your seasonal decorations. Follow these Christmas safety tips when stringing your outdoor and indoor lights so you can celebrate the season in style without risking a tragedy:. You should also look for frayed or loose wires, missing insulation and melted or mangled-looking bulb sockets, any of which could cause a short circuit and start a fire. Damaged light sets should be discarded or repaired. A good quality light set should be sturdy with a minimum of gauge awg wiring, no loose connectors and have fuses at the plug to protect against overheating. That way if there is a short or an overload on your lights, the GFCI outlet will trip before the breaker in your house.

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How To Hang Exterior Christmas Lights
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