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I chatted with a person on Tinder using his pic I have been chatting with a guy that say he is SSG in the US army that is stationed in South African and he goes by the name of Jackson Frank Smith or Micheal Frank Smith his Instagram name is sithfrank if anyone know of this guy please let me know I am not trying to be catfished he has sent me pic but I am very skeptical about this guy. Always asks for his official email address. They will always have an excuse and in the unlikely event he comes up with something ending mail. It will be fake. His name is Henry Anderson is this real our not I need to know.

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May 16 comments. In general this is how it works. A male scammer contacts another man through an online dating service, posing as an attractive young woman, looking for a serious relationship. It all starts out as a harmless virtual friendship but soon enough the pretty young girl will ask the man for financial help. By the time the scammer starts to ask for money, the poor man is already convinced that she is looking for the same thing that he is: A scammer will try to get your money using extremely appealing arguments.

Most of them are very smart and used to this kind of activity and they will easily find a way to your heart. Usually they will ask you to send them money using methods that are virtually impossible to trace, so be extra careful when your new virtual date suggests a wire transfer via Moneygram or Western Union. Of course not! There are lots of things you can do to protect yourself from fake online daters and many signs that can indicate you are being a victim of this type of scam.

So, if your online date sends you a picture that looks out of a magazine cover, it probably is! I believe that I was also scammed from the same person as you have written about being in the American Army serving as a Captain James Harris, but I am lucky enough to have a friend who managed to get me to stop sending money to this person. I did lose some money but near enough as the person you have wrote about. I have contacted the police in my area and they have told me to carry on talking to this person but I am finding it very hard as they are still asking for the funds to be sent to them so they can come back to England and be with me.

I also have run up a mobile phone bill that I am having to pay off over the next couple of months. I would like everybody that goes on to dating web sites to be made aware of what can happen to you. You are vulnerable, weak and they prey on those features. I am a little wiser from my experience and wish the person who lost all that money all the best take care.

I found this girl on a dating site,,we have actally spoken 3 times on the phone,,she is an afghan.. Hello My dear, Good day. I have contacted an agent that will take care of my apartment while i travel to meet you. Yes,i am not going to sale it now so that anytime we visit Rome,we can have a place to stay. I really want to come to meet you,and as you have said,the best thing we should do is to bring half of the flight fee each. Therefore,i will want you to send me half of the money so that i will complete it from my savings and book my ticket to Sydney.

I am very glad that we are going to be together soon. You can send me the money through money gram or western union with my infomation below. Also try to send me the receipt which you use in sending the money so that i can confirm it and buy my ticket. I missed you so much and really happy that we are going to meet soon.. Also please tell me the airport i should arrive in Sydney.

You are quite right, do not send the money. Michael Bleecker is a true scammer. I began research and found tons of information out there on him. He told me Anne was his niece…not his daughter…he is a snake in the grass so beware. Said he work for us army…. Anyway I sent money via money gram…. Well his email address seemed to get deactivated and not heard back.

I was also scammed by someone who claimed to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the US army deployed in Afghanistan. It would appear he is a Nigerian conman. The police have been informed but are not the slightest bit interested and have little sympathy. The site was also very unhelpful. It seems like internet crime is not considered to be proper crime despite the devastating effects it has on the lives of those affected.

And telling me from the word go how madly he had fallen in love with me. He terrified me. Told me he had an adopted son. And was 3 weeks to retirement. I had begun writing with him on my private email address and then i blocked him. And i found later the dating site blocked him. Thats why i think he is a scammer, very professional. I was worried for him. But also I did not feel good and did not eat or sleep for a week literally i was terrified by the ardour of his emotions and his english and turn of phrase perfect.

Hi there, just wanted to add I also had a scammer going by the name of Colonel Joe Wadsworth supposedly in Iraq and due to retire. This guy has used a number of christian names as well as other names. The poetry and love stuff he sent was unbelievable, easily obtained from the net. This I reported to the American Embassy who gave me a link to the net police.

It is ic3. Any suspicious stuff can be reported to them and hopefully in time they will all get caught. I say they as there is a ring of them. Anyone reading this I hope it saves you from any involvement in monetary transactions. Never send any. As a professional woman and having run a business I can not believe that I was so stupid as to be taken in by him. I believe this to be the same person I have been talking to but with the name James Wadsworth and yes I have sent money, but found all these things out too late.

I think they will get caught as I think they are getting to cocky and making mistakes. And I am sorry for saying this but I hope they all rot in hell. In response to your comments to Elizabeth, I understand what you are saying but it is not easy to forget what has happened and not lose any sleep. I am still having nightmares about how I was taken in by these people and how it has devastated the life of myself and my family, not only financially but emotionally and psychologically. I believe they work in groups and the initial contacts are extremely well educated and speak perfect English.

As the grooming takes effect, I believe other conmen take over who are being trained to perfect their technique so that they too will be fully fledged conmen. In my case, when I look back, I can identify the different people from the emails and texts. The police have no interest in catching these people and even enhace your feeling of low esteem for having been so stupid as to fall for their pathetic stories.

If you were able to look at the scenario, detached from the emotional involvement, then it would be clear what was happening but these people are so clever. They keep you awake by MSN all the time and then texting all day and night. The texts started from around 6. I think this was a crafty way to affect your judgement due to lack of sleep but you are hooked on receiving the next communication. You are also scared for their safety, listening to every news report for more war casualties whilst all the time it is a big game for them.

They tell embellished stories of the atrocities they have encountered which is sickening when you realise it is all false and yet other genuine soldiers are having to cope with these events. I will never forget what he and his associates did to me and those empty words which echo constantly.. I had enough information for the police to catch him but they will not work outside of their own county let alone in another country. I can see the logic if this was an isolated incident but I believe this con is huge and we are just the tip of the iceberg.

I even contacted the police in the US where I was asked to send money to a person who exists and an address which exists. I have had no response from the police there either. This also adds to the trauma because nobody seems to care or take the situation seriously. I met them him through Uniform Dating a reptutable site. The scams varied from sending money for phone cards, to providing personal and bank details for funds to be credited from them to you haha.

To acutally buying a very expensive mobile phone and jewellery a gold chain to keep him safe urgh! How daft do these scum think we are. I severed all contact immediately the requests started and will not be using internet dating again as it is a portal for criminals to prey on innocent people. Scammers come thick and fast on Date the UK website!!!

In recent months I have actually had 5 coming on to me. One called himself Jorge Harrison, such a charmer. I fell for it, well almost,he asked for money so he could pay for a hotel in Ghana as he had lost his luggage in transit and his credit cards were in the case!!! He said he needed to conclude his business there then he would be straight home. Oh and he also said he was born in venice with a 15 year old son. It turned out he wanted me to open a bank account so he could transfer the money into because all of his were now frozen because of his credit card loss.

He sent beautiful emails tho!!!!!! Guy No: But guess what, the emails he sent were identical to the ones I received from the 1st guy but different photos. He was about to go to New York to try and win a huge contract worth millions of dollars!!! So off he went, and wanted to keep me informed of the meetings etc… so , as I expected… he won the contract, But….

You got it….

What a white girl should know about dating a black man The best ukraine dating site Poland free dating site Best free filipina dating site Lol random. Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. .. He has asked for money, several times, I know he is a scammer. . Any one talk to a Greg Anderson says he is a commander in the U.S. Army and is in Nigeria?.

May 16 comments. In general this is how it works. A male scammer contacts another man through an online dating service, posing as an attractive young woman, looking for a serious relationship.

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Now in her 70s, Mary — her name has been changed at her request — finds Facebook a way to keep in touch with her friends and four grown-up children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. After two failed marriages — she says her second husband was abusive — she now lives alone with a loaded gun beside her bed and practises martial arts in her spare time. She is a tough, uncompromising character with a wicked sense of humour.


Watch out for a Roy Ivan and David Williams. Both widowed oil rig engineers. Roy was not as slick as David, but they both thought we were destined to be together. Deleted them both. Average Rating.

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Greg anderson dating scammer Anderson Miller, George Aaron. I have dealt with this guy for the past nine months so do not believe a word greg anderson dating scammer tells you. You are welcome, and thank you: Run and don't look back. Anyway to make a long breg story short he greg anderson dating scammer on Twitter having a name called fake Jake and that gregg stole another person's images from Facebook to scam me on Twitter. I did not delete him yet so that I could post it on the picture site andersoh not sure how to save it so I can post it for all to see. Just trying to crack open the secrecy of Scammers. Also invited me to go to hangouts. When Miller sent her a picture of himself in uniform, Romano was impressed.

Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love.


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Greg anderson dating scammer


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