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The first season of Desperate Housewives , an American television series created by Marc Cherry , commenced airing in the United States on October 3, , concluded May 22, , and consisted of 23 episodes. It tells the story of Mary Alice Young , a seemingly perfect housewife who commits suicide, fearing that a dark secret, involving her, her husband, and their son would be exposed. All of them live in the suburb of Fairview on Wisteria Lane. Narrating the series from the grave, Mary Alice describes how her friends try to find out the reason for her suicide, while trying to deal with the problems of their personal lives. Desperate Housewives ' first season aired in the United States U.

Desperate Housewives

This article contains episode summaries for the second season of Desperate Housewives. In the U. Written by: Jenna Bans and Kevin Murphy. Plot Synopsis: When Mike arrives home, he finds Zach holding Susan hostage and has to find a way to rescue them both. Meanwhile Lynette makes a big effort to impress the boss when she applies for an executive position at a top ad agency. Rex's mother, Phyllis guest star Shirley Knight , comes in for his funeral, and to drive Bree crazy.

Gabrielle, feeling guilty about her infidelity, begins visiting Carlos in jail. Recurring Guest Stars: Chris Black and Alexandra Cunningham. Susan is surprised, and not pleasantly so - when she finds out who Edie's new boyfriend is. Meanwhile Lynette goes back to work, leaving Tom at home in charge of the house, which turns out to be a better plan in theory than in practice.

Bree's mother-in-law, Phyllis, continues to drive Bree crazy with her melodramatic grieving, and Carlos makes an unusual request of Gabrielle. Tom Spezialy and Ellie Herman. Bree's mother-in-law, Phyllis, gets Bree in trouble with the law. Susan bravely tries to accept Edie's new role in Julie's life. Lynette's demanding boss makes her miss Parker's first day of kindergarten.

Gabrielle and John meet again. John Pardee and Joey Murphy. Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill. Susan helps Mike search for Zach. Gabrielle causes a prison riot while visiting Carlos. Lynette learns that Parker has an imaginary friend. Bree invites George to dinner, and Andrew is not so pleased. Susan's longtime book agent and dear friend, Lonny Moon, gets into financial trouble. Bree reburies Rex amid police suspicions.

Lynette is forced to go out to bars night after night with her man-hungry boss, Nina guest star Joely Fisher. Gabrielle hires hotshot lawyer David Bradley to defend Carlos. Kevin Etten and Josh Senter. As Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, Gabrielle valiantly tries to free him. Meanwhile, Mike and Susan face a crisis in their relationship when Mike learns that Susan paid for Zach to go away.

Paul Young is back in Wisteria Lane and has a confrontation with Susan. Bree and George start dating and eventually consummate their relationship. Lynette indulges in a magnificent obsession. Albert Goldfine , Betty Murphy Mrs. George proposes to a horrified Bree at an engagement party staged by George and his mother, Francine. Gabrielle revisits her past when old friends come to town.

Susan reunites with her ex-husband, Karl. The Scavos learn more about the new neighbors, when their kids almost see the new neighbors' homemade sex video. The neighbors are panicked about the intruder loose on Wisteria Lane, and a neighborhood watch committee is formed. Susan learns shocking news about her father at her mother's wedding. Bree finds out some disturbing information about George. Gabrielle learns to let go. Matthew is secretly seeing Danielle Van de Kamp. George stalks Bree, despite her efforts to break up with him.

Carlos is paroled from prison and returns a new man, a deeply religious man. Susan meets her father and tries to begin a relationship with him. Lynette stands up to Nina. Bree makes a shocking discovery. Albert Goldfine. Zach and Paul are reunited. Bree brings Andrew home. Gabrielle and Sister Mary face off over Carlos' mission of mercy to Africa. Betty helps Caleb. Joey Murphy and John Pardee. When Lynette catches Gabrielle kissing Tom, her jealousy drives a wedge in their friendship.

Meanwhile, Mike tries to bond with Zach, which threatens Paul. Andrew tries to blackmail Bree, and the Wisteria Lane neighbors are becoming more and more suspicious of the mysterious Applewhite family. Alexandra Cunningham. After a number of bad dates, Susan finally meets Dr. Some old pictures of Gabrielle turn up on the internet. Tom is alarmed when his kids come down with chicken pox - because he's never had it.

Bree gets arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. After months of silence, Mike Delfino visits Noah Taylor. Susan needs surgery, and it's the doctor's first time. The Applewhites announce that they're moving. Gabrielle is not so pleased when Carlos brings up the subject of "baby" again - in church. Bree and Betty learn that they have more in common than they thought. Tom applies for a job at Parcher and Murphy.

Gabrielle and Sister Mary go to war. Ron McCready. Karl makes Susan an offer she cannot afford to refuse. Bree does some sneaky sleuthing at Betty's house, and chats with Caleb. Gabrielle and Carlos rescue an enslaved laborer, Xiao-Mei, and let her stay with them for a while. Edie thinks that Karl is going to pop the question, but he's really trying to marry Susan.

Carlos learns more about the fractured relationship between Gabrielle and her mother, Lucia guest star Maria Conchita Alonso. Noah asks to see Zach. Lynette learns the extent of Bree's problem with alcohol, after she asks Bree to babysit her children. Gabrielle and Carlos are looking to adopt, but run into Helen Rowland, who works at the adoption agency.

Susan goes in for surgery, but a nurse at the hospital knows that she's married. Bree is accused of beating Andrew - and he's got bruising on his face and a lawyer. Paul Young reappears on Noah Taylor's radar. Tom has trouble accepting that his wife is also his boss. Felicia returns to Wisteria Lane. Scott Sanford Tobis.

Susan invites Dr. Ron to meet Karl after he finds out about their arranged marriage. Lynette is surprised that a woman at work is still breastfeeding. Gabrielle becomes very picky when choosing a birth mother, and a beautiful baby. In order to combat Andrew's extortion attempt, Bree reluctantly joins AA, but is still in denial that she really has a problem. Later, she passes out in a department store. Bree finds out that her AA sponsor, Peter, is a sex addict.

Carlos and Gabrielle learn the truth about their baby; the baby's father had no idea Libby's giving the baby up. Paul Young must face the music on Wisteria Lane. Lynette is forced to give a court deposition about Bree's drinking. Karl and Edie have an engagement party. Jay Harrington Dr.

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By Rebecca Hardy for MailOnline. When Desperate Housewives ended last year, the first thing Teri Hatcher did was to chop off her hair. I wanted to get completely out of myself, meet different people, focus on different things and be challenged by a new set of skills.

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Dating housewives

List of adaptations. Executive producer Cherry served as showrunner. Other executive producers since the fourth season included Bob Daily , George W. Set on Wisteria Lane , a street in the fictional town of Fairview in the fictional Eagle State, Desperate Housewives follows the lives of a group of women as seen through the eyes of their late friend and neighbor who committed suicide in the pilot episode. The storyline covers thirteen years of the women's lives over eight seasons, set between the years —, and later — the storyline includes a five-year jump in time, as well as flashbacks and flashforwards ranging from the s to the s.

Dating desperate housewives

Sign in. The day begins just as every other Except today, there will be a deadly hostage situation in a local supermarket. Things take an unexpected turn when a large tornado hits Wisteria Lane, forcing the residents to seek shelter; Katherine comes clean about her and Adam's past. Local handyman Eli Scruggs dies from a heart attack on his last day of work and the housewives remember moments when he affected their lives. The Last Summer delivers a fresh teen romance, Catherine of Aragon vies for for the throne in " The Spanish Princess ," and " Chernobyl " brings a chilling catastrophe to life. Watch now. Desperate Housewives — Four female New Yorkers gossip about their sex lives or lack thereof and find new ways to deal with being a woman in the s. Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching.

The seventh season of Desperate Housewives , a television series created by Marc Cherry , began airing on September 26, and concluded on May 15,

This article contains episode summaries for the second season of Desperate Housewives. In the U. Written by:

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Desperate Housewives: It is based on the television series Desperate Housewives. KPopp had to end the series because there were several glitches she had with the game that made it unplayable, it ended on September 8, Kpopp finished the game on October 17, A pair of brothers then visit the player's house: Daniel Fox, a famous designer and his twin brother Frank Fox, who installs an Internet service in the player's computer. Your character then progresses through episodes, completing tasks that range from gardening and cooking for your family, to discovering the secrets of the neighborhood. The new wife must battle off a love rival to her husband as his secretary, Jackie Marlen, stops at no costs to get what she wants as well as cranky neighbor, Etta Davenport. Not only this but she must deal with the antics of her unruly 14 year-old son and the people around it. We also find, the new residents isn't a nice as it seems when a private investigator, Erik Larsen, shows up in town alongside a shady businessman, Vincent Corsetty, who seems to have ulterior motives.

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