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Dating is a romantic activity where two Sims spend their time doing romantic things together. This feature is the main theme of The Sims: Hot Date and The Sims 2: It was also reintroduced to The Sims 3 via Patch 22 and the Generations expansion pack , and was included in The Sims 4 base game.

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Sorry about that but the site is on a lousy host and that's not likely to change. Just keep reloading pages until they work. It will go through eventually. They have all been tested in my games, but some not extensively. Required EPs: The exceptions should be obvious - you need OFB for servo mods, Nightlife for dating mods and so on.

The Sims 2 stuff packs are a bit more complicated since different packs use different code bases. Take a look at Stuff-it Packs for Dummies at Simbology for more information. Sims 2 combo packs like such as Double Deluxe or University Life are evil. They don't necessarily correspond to the EPs they contain, so whether or not mods will work with them is a crap shoot.

The Store version apparently also has mod compatibility issues. Nothing I can do about that. Backwards Compatibility: When using these hacks with older EPs, particularly pre-Seasons, understand although a mod might be labeled as compatible there is a subtle difference between working and working correctly. Sometime even though hackdiff shows no problems, there can be changes to other routines which affect these. The further back you go, the more likely you will find some unanticipated problem.

I've found a particular problem that means many of my mods require FreeTime or later even if I've said they are compatible further back. I'm updating these as I find them, but there is no way I can track down all of them so some won't get fixed. Sims 3 Mods: Many modders are abandoning Sims 2 in favor of Sims 3. I'm not one of them. Sims 3 was interesting but held my attention only briefly.

I doubt I'll ever go back to it and I certainly won't bother modding for it. I plan to continue creating Sims 2 mods for the foreseeable future. And now that Sims 4 is on the horizon, I'll add that I also have no plans to mod for that or any future version. My Support Policy: These mods are offered with no support. I try to create code compatible with a wide range of EPs but basically I'm one of those modders that, once a mod does what I want, I lose interest and move on.

I have no time to offer additional features or other support. If a mod doesn't work, and you have made sure you have Smarter EP Check , then you're probably out of luck. My Usage Policy: Do whatever the hell you want with these mods. I have no problem if people use my code in their work since there's no reason to re-invent the wheel. I borrow code from other modders all the time. Sometimes I even remember to give credit.

Each mod page has categories listed on the top, including the EPs that they work with. You can click on any category e. Primary links Back to Cyjon's main site Follow me on Twitter. Popular content Today's: All time: Submitted by Cyjon on Thu, Many of my mods use Smarter EP Check. If a mod is not working, the first thing to do is make sure you have Smarter EP Check in your Downloads folder. Mods are added to the list below as they are added to the site. I may organize the list better at some point - or I might not.

Search Search this site: Cyjon's Sims 2 Mods 'n' Stuff. Back to Cyjon's main site Follow me on Twitter.

well, it's not a "dating online" thing. it's basically a way for your sim to .. 2 minutes had gone by before I had my Sim check the online dating. I have a suggestion for an upcoming expansion or update: How about online dating? I really used to love The Sims 2 for the chemistry and the.

Sorry about that but the site is on a lousy host and that's not likely to change. Just keep reloading pages until they work. It will go through eventually. They have all been tested in my games, but some not extensively.

The Sims games are too expensive, and too expansive, to leave behind easily. Case in point, it took me years to feel comfortable transitioning to The Sims 3 from The Sims 2.

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The Sims 4 is a great game, but it's far from perfect, meaning there's always going to be the lure of something better just around the corner. Potentially in the form of The Sims 5. EA is no doubt preparing quite a few reveals for its E3 games line-up, and it could feature The Sims 5.


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However, stronger actions such as hugs and kisses will move it more. Fulfilling your date's wants will gain even more points to the date meter, edging it ever closer to the top. Also note the time limit at the top of the meter. Dates start with a time limit of roughly 3 real minutes equal to 3 Sim hours. Don't panic, because every time a date gains a level on the meter, a little more time is added. The time won't go up forever, because once you reach the Dream Date status, the time will have its final upgrade.

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The Sims 5 needs an open world, cars and these other fan-requested features

The Sims 2 is a strategic life simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to The Sims. The game has the same concept as its predecessor: The Sims 2 , like its predecessor, does not have a defined final goal; the gameplay is open-ended. Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes. All Sims age, and can live to 90 sim days depending on the degree to which their aspirations are fulfilled.

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The Sims 2: The expansion pack centers on the new downtown area, which has various activities, such as bowling , karaoke , dining and dancing , as well as a photo booth, and includes a dating minigame which allows player to engage in their Sims' relationships in greater depth. Not to be confused with The Sims 3: Late Night for The Sims 3. The game is reminiscent of an expansion pack from the original The Sims game entitled The Sims:

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