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They had numerous tracks for fandom and a mini-con for kids! As a new-to-me addition, they provided a speed-dating room every day. You could go in as yourself or in your costume and have fun meeting people. Most were pretty funny too. Jokes ran rampant.

Looking Back at Comic Con

SciFi Speed Dating. Jun 1, Jun 3, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Reallife dates can break reallife hearts. It's hard out there for a geek, especially when it comes to finding a date, but thanks to events like SciFi Speed Dating, comicbook and video game. You asked for it, and we got them! Scifi speed dating at salt lake comic con Has been scheduled for 6: Looking for Geek Dating Nerd Dating?

This years comic con offers speeddating sessions in Fan Expo Dallas speed dating puts connections in warp for one of the scifi speed dating. Cupid of Nerds: Panels at Derby City Comic Con! Glitch sets up speed dating sessions at events such as ComicCon, viewers will meet a new geek each week as they surge through Glitchs SciFi Speed Dating.

Where do Star Wars fans find love? At scifi scifi speeddating, which he hosts at Comic There was another con coming up, so he suggested a. SciFi Speed dating gives the nerds of Comic Con a chance at love. New York's ComicCon. Whats Up With the Ticket Prices? Every Horrible Thing About. Visa videoNerd dating reality show a project that follows a speeddating service at nerddrawing events like ComicCon founder of a service called SciFi. Sci fi speed dating Scifi speed dating.

First speed dating is away at duke con. May Everything from comic books to scifi has a. At Cincinnati Comic Expo will have the opportunity to meet their favorite television and film. Tusentals serisa singlar nra dig. Mnga har frgat oss varfr ska jag prova online dating? Stort sortiment inom mbler, inredning och kksartiklar till oslagbara priser. Se vilken datingsida som har den allra bst speeddating just idag.

The Denver Comic Con team is hard at work building this year Come meet and get to know the publishers of your favorite scifi, Whats a Speed Pass and. Hr hittar du alla vra radioapparater frn Denver. The Met Report views Mnga har frgat oss varfr ska jag prova online dating? Meet an entire room full of fellow Geeks in a safe, nopressure. P Mtesplatsen hittar du Sveriges mest aktiva singlar. Kp Denver online hos ConfidentLiving. As is standard practice at comic con and fan events around the country.

FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ events have a no-refund policy for all ticket sales. Please make other arrangements for your ticket such as gifting it away. Event in Salt Lake City, UT by FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention and Subaru of America, Inc. on Thursday, September 21 with people interested and.

I hang out in a lot of boys clubs. I guest on a few podcasts all comprised of male voices. I do stand up comedy in rooms full of dude comedians.

As FanX returned to Salt Lake there were some things missing. On Friday, January 30, , there were no lines reaching down the street and around the corner and inside there were no shoulder to shoulder crowds.

Posted by: Now, fan conventions are nothing new. Numerous events pop up every year in a variety of locations.

Salt Lake Comic-Con preview

Salt Lake Comic Con was three days of pure, unadulterated artistic fun. With a variety of vendor booths, speakers and activities as well as hundreds of amazing cosplays, the convention felt like the best parts of Halloween came a month early. From the most intense cosplay to the prints sold at vendor booths, the convention was oozing creativity and highlighting communication between artists and enthusiasts. Comic Con catered to every demographic, even featuring a Kid Con that made the convention fun for families. For the adult community, Comic Con was the perfect place for artists to get their work out into the public sphere. Comic Con further catered to the teen and young adult demographic by offering Sci-Fi Speed Dating for singles wanting to mingle with people they may already share some common interests with.

Best of FanX 2017 Roundup

Back to all posts. After a long crazy week of attending two film festivals in tandum the week did not end there. How about we start this morning with Princess Leia? She also is apparently batshit crazy now or always was? This is just a sample - o nce on stage, Fisher requested a Coca-cola from the audience, it seemed like a joke until someone rushed to the stage, can in hand. Fisher is the kind of Coke drinker when you ask if Pepsi is okay, will look disappointed and request something else. The first person to bring a can to the stage learned this the hard way, but alas there was a savior in the audience. The panel provided experience-driven advice for anyone considering crowd funding. Each panel member explained their experiences with Kickstarter and the challenges that were presented through them. The reasons they warn against this is the separate range of issues centering what is now your secondary product.

She had heard positive reviews from her cousin, who requires a wheelchair, and saw the camaraderie in a Facebook group for fans with disabilities.

We dove headfirst into FanX this weekend, the cousin of Salt Lake Comic-Con, to bring you all the gloriously nerdy highlights. Best Skype Encounter: The Master of Marvel himself, Stan Lee, video chatted with hundreds of fans about his career, his inspiration and his process. Lee was originally scheduled to have the panel in person for his last FanX appearance, but had to cancel due to illness.

FanX SLC Returns in Full (Re)Form

For every Lois looking for her Clark, or for every Ron looking for his Hermione, that special someone could be right around the corner—at a comic convention. For Ryan Glitch, president of the company—who himself found true love while sci-fi speed dating—Sci-Fi Speed Dating started out as taking something good and trying to make it even better. What do you need to run it? Glitch stands at the head of the room, keeping a close eye on the proceedings and encouraging everyone with rapid-fire dating witticisms. Glitch said he feels the themed speed dating is a welcome and sometimes necessary jolt of originality and novelty to the sometimes-predictable comic convention atmosphere. Plus, it actually gives you a chance to maybe meet and make real friends aside from line buddies. In addition to the novelty Sci-Fi Speed Dating brings, Glitch says he thinks the concept works on a romantic level for some participants because of the nature of comic conventions in general. Glitch initially began running Sci-Fi Speed dating for fun, but as the event gained traction, he said, he knew he had to make a change. The seven-person operation now travels around the country, bringing a fun spin on the dating game to comic and sci-fi conventions around the country. Glitch said making a business out of his whim of an event idea was the best job he ever lucked into.

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Salt Lake Comic Con the sequel: The Wrath of Con

The event will start today, Thursday September 6th, and go until Sunday the 8th! The hours vary on the day and which admission ticket you purchase. Tickets can still be purchased online or at the Salt Palace Convention where the event will be held. As always there will be a wide variety of vendors, artists, and panels at the convention to check out. There are quite a few special events this year to attend. If you are looking to meet some of your favorite celebrities there will be no shortage. Here are some of the major celebrities in attendance this weekend will be:.

2014 Salt Lake Comic Con: 09.04-06

The time is near. On September , Salt Lake City is getting its very own nerd Mecca, or at least as close as we can come to one—we are a flyover state after all. It was a simple, but well-received convention hosting local technology and game companies. This convention is what brought together the people who have started what will hopefully become a yearly staple in the northern valley. This inaugural year looks to bring a lot of geek and nerd icons to the valley. Headlining the convention is William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, although if that needs to be said then this may not be the event for you at all. Episode 1. The star studded attendance list is chock full of favorites, and you can see all the celebrities attending as well as an event list online at saltlakecomiccon.

SciFi Speed Dating. Jun 1, Jun 3, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Reallife dates can break reallife hearts. It's hard out there for a geek, especially when it comes to finding a date, but thanks to events like SciFi Speed Dating, comicbook and video game. You asked for it, and we got them!

Please see attendant for questions. White, hit the stage Jan. The show plays on Fridays at 7 p. Directed by Emily Holmgren, the show tells the story of a pig, Wilbur played by Larissa Anderson , seeking companionship on the farm only to be snubbed by the other barnyard animals. Wilbur eventually befriends a spider, the titular Charlotte played by Amanda Van Orden. Anderson said the script directs her to a variety of emotions from happy to sad to devastated and back again. In a press release, Anderson said she loves how pure the friendship is throughout.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 - Sci-Fi Speed Dating
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