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Hooking up is not a new concept, especially not in college. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we have all either experienced it firsthand or heard stories about friends who have. Here are the opinions of various women and men, who would like to remain anonymous, from Penn. Do you think students at Penn view hook-ups as a casual occurrence?

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They appear perplexed by her motives, which are rather transparent upon inspection. Her error is in failing to realize the full array of female attitudes, which offer a nuanced and diverse view of sex and relationships on campus. Taylor begins by highlighting the largest obstacle to long-term relationships in college, the peripatetic nature of the contemporary college education:.

They envisioned their 20s as a period of unencumbered striving, when they might work at a bank in Hong Kong one year, then go to business school, then move to a corporate job in New York. The idea of lugging a relationship through all those transitions was hard for many to imagine…. Couples are often from different parts of the country, and have limited say in where they may work or live once they graduate.

In addition, they prefer to keep their eyes on the prize; they are getting an Ivy League education to maximize their future options and opportunities. Amanda Wolkin , a Penn student who responded to the article in Philadelphia Magazine, remarked:. These concerns are real and shared by a large number of students. However, there are some students, including women, who are clearly not wired for commitment in any case, and here is where Taylor goes seriously off the rails.

By generalizing from A. Consider the commentary of A. I want you to have changed and become enough of your own person so that when you meet me, we can have a stable life and be very happy. I know what I want. I will remember what I did. I will remember my accomplishments and places my name is hung on campus. I see no need for hand wringing and fretting that women like A.

Neither would be a suitable relationship partner in any case. Researchers have found that certain women are prone to seek casual sex from the time they arrive at college. Here is the key finding from a recent study of female freshmen:. Our findings suggest hooking up during the first year of college is influenced by pre-college hookups, personality, behavioral intentions, the social and situational context, family background and substance use patterns — particularly marijuana use.

In my experience speaking with hundreds of college women, a typical sentiment mirrors the one offered by M. But at the same time, they want to, like, have contact with guys. How many women in college get to experience relationships? Interestingly, Penn students starting out feel optimistic about entering relationships. Arielle Pardes, a Penn student who was interviewed by Taylor, responds in Cosmo:.

Plenty of us do have boyfriends, or sex lives that we consider meaningful. Another recent college survey found strong evidence of relationships on campus. At Georgetown, women and men responded to a survey about sex and relationships there. Only 11 percent report engaging in exclusively random hookups, although this is a more common phenomenon among men than women. For all the focus on hookups, campuses are not sexual free-for-alls, at Penn or elsewhere.

At colleges nationally, by senior year, 4 in 10 students are either virgins or have had intercourse with only one person, according to the Online College Social Life Survey. Nearly 3 in 10 said that they had never had a hookup in college. Meanwhile, 20 percent of women and a quarter of men said they had hooked up with 10 or more people. While Pluralistic Ignorance remains a problem, increasingly students are becoming aware that women like A.

Though the feminists have little use for the alpha douchebags who objectify A. It may not be easy to find a relationship in college — both women and men fear sitting on the sidelines as the years go by. But the desire is there — plenty of women and men want something real, and meaningful, and all that good stuff. Let A. Because they probably are well suited to focus primarily on career achievement, their strategy makes sense for them.

They probably are the future Sheryl Sandbergs and Melissa Mayers, and more power to them. Some of us may agree with, or fit, the fraction of responses she included in her article. But in the end, we cannot let her depiction of Penn slide, considering the choices she made in selecting the voices to feature in her story.

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It is a basic, and I mean basic, place with a uncomfortable bed and flat pillows. Room is tacky with mirrors on ceiling and wall. Not my thing at all. They are plugged into a power strip and not safe. A fire hazard.

College dating is something I came into thinking that it would be nothing like high school dating.

Studies are showing that the phrase has become a way of seeking potential romantic partners. But, while some agree that this method has made it easier for them to meet potential partners, others feel that it masks the idea of building relationships the traditional way. Valley set out to gather opinions on how Penn Staters feel toward this debate!

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These three books have been quoted the most so I decided to list them for you guys. Using a combination of demographics, statistics, game theory, and number-crunching, Date-onomics tells what every single, college-educated, heterosexual, looking-for-a-partner woman needs to know: With all the facts that can make you upset the author offers some solutions to your problems. Modern Romance — By Aziz Ansari. He also brings up interesting points and personal stories that he has been through. He brings his humor as well as actual statistics and facts from professionals to create a well informed humor based book.

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For those of us interested in gender equality, the past few months have been both hopeful and horrifying. Every awful story about a Harvey Weinstein or a Louis C. With this in mind, several students reached out to their female professors to hear about how gender dynamics have impacted the work in their disciplines. On April 6, a diverse group of academics in fields ranging from Anthropology to Computer Engineering will gather to address this topic — and to offer mentoring advice to young women looking to follow in their footsteps. Another big theme of this year's conference is the role of the bystander in situations where gender-based violence or harassment occurs. On April 5, psychology professor Melanie Hetzel-Riggin will discuss the barriers that often stand in the way of positive interventions. In a later session, two students will debate the relationship between bystanders and bullying. Gender diversity will also be addressed by members of Trigon, Behrend's Gay-Straight Alliance, through a roundtable devoted to "the multiplicities of identity, and the manner in which our identities are layered and intersectional. If that's not enough, expect additional conversations about sex trafficking, Shakespeare, disability rights, and African-American visibility on film.

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We asked for your craziest hook-up stories and wow did you answer. You have boned, banged, rode, and ripped clothes off on almost every corner of campus. I had a pizza delivery man drop me off there after a night of partying.

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The cycle of pregaming, walking around to find a party, entering, and in some cases meeting up with someone and bringing them home never to see them again after the next morning is a cycle known by most penn state students. A hookup is usually celebrated when it happens. Just this weekend, I was at a party where a girl and a guy were sitting on a couch seeming to have a normal conversation. I turn around to face my friends again, and thirty seconds later I hear a chorus of cheers erupting from the wave of drunk students around me. I turn back around and the same girl and guy were locked in an embrace with each other desperately trying to give each other face to face resuscitation. I make no note of the event and return to my my nightly adventures. The next morning however, I began to ask myself questions about what I had seen the previous night. Did these two people know each other before the party? Would they ever see each other again? Did they enter the party with an intention of hooking up with each other? I eventually arrived to the conclusion that in most cases the answers to these questions would be no, no, and yes.

Nittany Quickie: Episode One

We decided to go out for the evening. The thenyear-old college student says she was frozen in shock, and stayed silent through the entire ordeal while her friend slept just a few feet away. I didn't really want to make a scene… Rather than do that, I just pretended to be asleep. In the following days and months, Danovich says her own reaction took her by surprise. Danovich's experience and her reaction in the moment points to the often complicated and misunderstood emotions that arise when a sexual assault or rape occurs. According to a sweeping survey conducted at 27 universities by The American Association of Universities, more than one in five female undergrads were victims of sexual assault or misconduct. In the majority of cases, the victim knows her attacker, whether as acquaintance, classmate, friend, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, according to a White House report on college sexual assault.

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The fact that people could hook up with a different person almost every night if they are an overachiever, of course was mind boggling. Just walk up through the Pattee Mall, through the revolving doors, to the left, and up the stairs, and you have met your match. Every student I have encountered here at Penn State has brought up how having sex in the stacks is their number one priority before they graduate. But hey, go for it! Kappa Sigma? Which one would you most likely have a hookup in or on the rooftop of? Up on the rooftop frat boys go, Natty Light with a great big flow, any girl could try to hide, but what they are really looking for is a ride or die. Not keen to the idea of a frat rooftop?

Stay plugged into Penn with this daily newsletter rounding up all of the top headlines from top headlines from the DP, 34th Street, and Under the Button. The week's top stories from the DP and beyond, meticulously curated for parents and alumni, and delivered into your inbox every Sunday morning. Get our award-winning print editions of The Daily Pennsylvanian delivered to your doorstep every week. Our generation likes shortcuts. Hookup culture is just another shortcut. Because of this intense connection, there are bound to be missteps and pitfalls along the way.

The team's head coach was Joe Paterno. The Nittany Lions were coming off of back-to-back losing seasons, finishing 3—9 in and 4—7 in , capping a stretch from late where Minnesota upset the 2 Nittany Lions with a late field goal until the goal line stand at Indiana that featured four of five seasons being losing seasons and the lone winning season in featuring many frustrating close losses. This stretch was called "The Dark Years", sometimes including as well. The team finished the season with wins over Indiana and Michigan State , which helped springboard momentum into the season that gave many optimism for the Nittany Lions. The team returned 18 starters from last year's squad. Eight starters returned on offense, led by starting quarterback Michael Robinson who has also played at wide receiver, tailback, and punt returner during his first three years at Penn State. Robinson played exclusively under center after the graduation of Zack Mills.

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