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Blaine and Tina first meet at Rachel 's house party, though they have no on-screen interactions. Blame It on the Alcohol. Blaine watches Tina while she sings I Follow Rivers and is shown to be offended when she was being heckled by the audience. Later Blaine calls Sandy Ryerson a horrible person for leading the group of hecklers that upset Tina.

Mike-Tina Relationship

Despite their break-up, they still appear to have remained best friends. Artie thinks that they have something really important in common, but after a date together in Wheels , Tina admits that her stutter impediment is fake. This disappoints, upsets, and angers Artie, who then immediately breaks off their relationship and wheels away, leaving Tina alone in the hallway.

Afterwards, it appears the two of them have remained friends although not as close as before as Tina is not seen pushing Artie around in his wheelchair. Tina and Artie kiss for the first time in Wheels. In The Power of Madonna , Artie makes sexist comments towards Tina, which leads to her lashing out at him. Artie later apologizes, and the two make up.

In Dream On , Tina asks Artie to be her dance partner after he reveals that dancing is his dream. Tina tries to help Artie walk and the two research the topic, but find much to their dismay that technology like that won't be available for a very long time. In the end a disappointed Artie pulls out of the performance and tells her to find a new partner. She asks Mike Chang, who is known in the Glee Club for his skills as a dancer.

In Journey , after the glee club loses Regionals , Artie reveals that Tina was the first girl he ever kissed. In Audition , it is revealed that over the summer holidays, Artie had acted like a terrible boyfriend by neglecting Tina so he can play a weekend long marathon round of Halo. In turn, she dumps him for Mike Chang, which lowers Artie's self-esteem. This inspires him to try and join the football team in hopes of getting abs, and getting Tina back.

Mike is a member of the football team. Coach Beiste rejects Artie at first, but after consideration in later episodes, she let's him join. Tina and Artie sign up together, due to him being unable to reach the sign-up sheet. She spells Artie as "Arty. At the Glee Club car wash fundraiser, Tina and Artie are seen talking and laughing as Tina pushes him around. After Mr. Schuester gives Tina the solo Tonight , Artie looks over and gives Tina a proud smile. Tina is also seen sitting on Artie's wheelchair.

At the beginning of the episode Tina is seen staring at Artie tying his shoelaces. Also, at some point in the song Dancing with Myself Artie leans over and stares directly at Tina, smiling longingly at reach her. When the Glee Club is forced by Mr. Schuester to use wheelchairs, Tina's respect grows for him. She admits, "I really admire you Artie, how did it happen?

Tina seems shocked and concerned by this information. Artie appears to be quite attracted to Tina, and says "Don't worry, I still have full use of my penis. At last the two go on a date in the halls of McKinley High after hours. They have a wheelchair drag race Artie wins , which culminates with a kiss. Tina confesses that her stutter is fake, which upsets Artie, as he wishes his disability was also "fake. In Proud Mary , they both get solos, and Tina and Artie smile at each other gleefully during the chorus.

As part of the choreography, they rest on each other's shoulders momentarily. When the glee club finds out the other teams cheated, Tina can be seen in the background crying, with Artie putting his arm around her in comfort. The Power of Madonna. Tina is upset with Artie in this episode. She is seen wheeling Artie around, with Artie confessing he forgives her for faking a stutter. However, he does say that if she wants to be with him she must dress more seductively, which shocks and angers Tina.

In protest, the next day, Tina angrily confronts him, accusing him of being sexist. Soon, Artie apologizes in an empty piano room with her. He says, "You know, I would get down on one knee I could. Tina wheels Artie during Ice Ice Baby. Both Artie and Tina attempt to get a bad reputation by performing U Can't Touch This in the library, in which Tina wheels him around for part of the performance.

Tina finds out Artie's dream is to be a dancer. Artie doesn't think it could ever happen, but Tina is insistent it's possible. She encourages Artie to do a tap dance with her for glee club; they practice together in the choir room. Artie then asks if Tina can help him use some crutches so he can walk. Tina accepts, and Artie walks a few steps and then accidentally falls, embarrassing and disappointing him. Tina apologizes and tries to help, but Artie asks her to go away.

A few days later, Artie apologizes for the way he reacted; but Tina says he needn't, and that it was her fault. She also claims she did some research on Artie's condition, and thinks there might be cures for him. This excites Artie. Tina ends off her speech with "If you can dream it Artie, it's real. When Tina finds out that Artie has given up on his assignment, Tina is upset and reluctant to change partners.

In this episode, Artie worries weather Mike has some things he can offer Tina that he can't. They harmonize together, and smiled at each other throughout the song as well. They also are seen holding hands in glee practice. Artie states Tina was his first kiss, when stating this, he looks over at Tina and grins.

Tina reacts with a short silence laugh and blush. Tina dumps Artie, as apparently he ignored her all summer to play Halo, and when they did get together all they did was watch Coming Home. Tina does mention she is now dating Mike, which upsets Artie. Artie tries to get her back by attempting to join the football team, because he wants abs, but is rejected by Coach Beiste. Artie is upset when he sees Tina and Mike dancing together.

Mike and Tina kissing in the choir room visibly upsets Artie. He panics that Mike and Tina's "Asian connection" is growing stronger by the day, and that he needs to get her back soon before it's too late. In his Britney Spears fantasy however, this is not the case. In the fantasy, Tina apologizes and begs for another chance, which Artie rejects. At the end of the song, Tina is seen looking lonely and sad on the bleachers marked "Loser.

Tina asks if Artie wants to be her duet partners, saying, "Our voices go really well together," she also says she'd like to enjoy a free dinner with him as friends, which is the prize for winning the duet contest. Artie however rejects, saying he has a duet partner, and they are in love. He then stares at Brittany , which upsets and confuses Tina.

This appears to be a lie on Artie's part, as later in Brittany's room, he says he's not over Tina. But in a most would say successful way to get over Tina, he loses his virginity with Brittany. He then regrets it however. And after Tina and Mike's duet, Tina stares at Artie, almost like she wants to say, "I can successfully do a duet, even if it's not with you. When Tina fears Mike may be cheating on her with Brittany, Tina warns Artie, out of respect, most likely.

However, Artie instead insults her choice of clothing and doesn't take her warning serious. This seems to irritate Tina, and she looks hurt. Before she leaves, she adds, with a longing and sad look at Artie: We never had a chance with any of them," implicating she thinks they should date again. During the Warblers' performance of Hey, Soul Sister , Artie smiles at Tina, who returns the favor and they stare at each other affectionately.

Tina's theory turn out to be false, and they go back to dating Mike and Brittany. A Very Glee Christmas. When the Glee Club finds Artie using his ReWalk to help him take a few steps, Tina looks happily surprised and thrilled as she whispers, "Artie? With the rest of the club, she crowds around Artie and congratulates him. Tina pushes him in his wheelchair around New York.

They have a small duet in Light Up the World together, where they dance and smile together. In the Glee Club rehearsal, when Mr. Schuester asks Artie to be the co-director of West Side Story he refuses. Tina then encourages him to get involved in the play and then he accepts. Tina snaps at Artie, blaming him for forcing Mercedes to leave by not giving her the part of Maria.

Later, they are seen dancing together during Last Friday Night. Tina remarks how grateful she is how Artie directing her and the rest of the cast in West Side Story. Tina tells Rachel that Mike is her first love, indicating that even though she dated Artie, she wasn't in love with him. In the Glee Club Rehearsal in which Sam announces his return, Tina is sitting next to Artie and the two are sharing a conversation.

During Sectionals, before the winner is announced Tina has her hand on Artie's shoulder and the two briefly glance at each other. After the winner is announced New Directions , they share a high-five.

The show revolved around the lives of the New Directions Glee club members . Mike Chang joins the Glee club after they help the football team win their He and Tina begin dating and they remain together for two seasons. Glee was the show of a thousand couples, many of them with a his own life in season three, it just looks weird that he hooks up with Blaine. She also made plans to buy Quinn Fabray's (Dianna Agron) baby so that things seemed real. Yet Artie and Tina just didn't really work as a couple once together.

Tina Cohen-Chang is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Jenna Ushkowitz , and has appeared in Glee from its pilot episode , first broadcast on May 19, Initially, she is a shy and insecure performer with a fake stutter, and member of the glee club at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio , where the show is set. As the series progressed, she became more independent and confident. She changes to a sassy and outspoken person starting in the fourth season premiere, which become her permanent personality for the rest of the series.

Despite their break-up, they still appear to have remained best friends. Artie thinks that they have something really important in common, but after a date together in Wheels , Tina admits that her stutter impediment is fake.

Glee remains one of the most romantically complicated shows in TV history. Every week, a new relationship would develop or an older one would end.

The show was filled with witty jokes, intense drama and some very emotional moments, which is one of the reasons it was so great. As the main characters on the show graduated from high school, a new generation of Glee club members was brought in and we still got to follow the lives of our favorite characters when they moved onto college. The show, which was originally intended to be a movie, was created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk and went onto have 6 seasons. The show was innovative and ground breaking as many of the characters dealt with controversial social issues such as race, identity, relationships and teenage pregnancy. The show was extremely successful and went onto win and was nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Globe Awards.

Artie-Tina Relationship

Michael Robert Chang, Jr. The character is portrayed by actor and dancer Harry Shum, Jr. He is introduced as a football player who joins the club together with a few of his teammates, and quickly shows himself to be an excellent dancer. Mike first appears in the episode " Preggers " as a member of the McKinley High football team. Over the summer, Tina and Mike have sexual intercourse for the first time, with Tina subsequently deeming their encounter wonderful as it was with the boy she loved. Mike receives a scholarship to attend Joffrey Ballet school in Chicago, and graduates from McKinley at the end of the season. Mike has returned to McKinley several times, usually to attend a reunion or help out Finn and Artie with New Directions. Following his break-up with Tina, they meet again when he and Mercedes Jones Amber Riley return at Artie's request to help run auditions for Grease.

They were first public about their relationship in Audition , and ended it between the episodes Goodbye and The New Rachel , after Tina admitted that they had broken up because it was very hard for them both with the long distance relationship.

Jenna Ushkowitz's Tina was with the glee. Distraught and former Glee.

Tina Cohen-Chang

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Is tina and mike from glee dating in real life

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