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Season one originally aired from January 22, to April 9, Some lines, especially from Chappelle, were improvised. Also improvised was the scene in which the roommates run from the cops. On DVD commentary, Chappelle and series co-creator Neal Brennan revealed that a siren just went off and they went from there. According to Chappelle, it was meant as a send-up of actual Real World situations in which a sole black man is labeled as crazy and violent by an otherwise white group.

Season two originally aired from January 21, to April 14, The sketch's popularity gained attention in , when fans of the sketch were reported to have defaced or stolen campaign signs for Hattiesburg, Mississippi city council candidate Rick James, who is unrelated to the singer. During a June standup show in Sacramento, California , Chappelle briefly left the stage when audience members kept reciting the sketch's catchphrase. When he returned he stated his disappointment with the audience and how his show was "ruining his life", because it was hindering his stand-up career.

Brady, a fan of the show, expressed to Chappelle's Show staffers that he was hurt by Mooney's joke. When Chappelle heard about this, he called Brady and invited him to get his "revenge" on the show see Wayne Brady's Show below. Episode 8: A later skit involved a woman named Brenda Johnson who decides to "keep it real" after a random woman incorrectly dialed her phone number and, realizing she contacted the wrong number, hung up the phone when Brenda answered.

Brenda believed this rudeness to be the sign of her boyfriend cheating on her. Brenda then decides to use an online reverse telephone directory to look up the woman's home address. She then finds the house of the woman who hung up on her and proceeds to vandalize her car. This act backfires on Brenda when it turns out the car belonged to the woman's older brother who worked for federal government. Brenda was sentenced to six years in prison and was soundly beaten by three inmates who "kept it realer.

Another skit featured Vernon, a successful young, black company director in a boardroom meeting. All the characters are commending each other on their performance when one leans over the table and says "you da man, gimme some skin! He decides to "keep it real" and angrily responds, ranting about this remark, cursing and shouting: The next scene he is out in the snow cleaning car windscreens at a local gas station yelling at someone for not giving him a large enough tip. Mooney claims after the women say Gone with the Wind is a classic that the best scene in the movie is when Mammy tells the white people to "get off my po'ch , white trash.

She came back as Oprah Winfrey to get her money. During the introduction, one of the women mentions the fact that Barbershop 2: Back in Business was recently released, leading many to believe they were reviewing that. When reviewing Barbershop , Mooney interrupts the women and says "You know it's just a front, right? They really sell drugs outta barbershops. In the final review he claims he was "offended by" movies with ethnic titles starring white actors by saying "First they had The Mexican with Brad Pitt and now we have The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise?

All of Mooney's lines - and the womens' reactions to them - were improvised. Dave takes a look back at different personas he's had a different ages 18, 24, and At 18, he says he was sincere, earnest, and relentlessly optimistic. At 24, he says he was a budding movie star, reefer addict, and a man with "a sexual appetite that would make Michael Douglas seem gay". At 30, which is his present persona, he says he's a proud father, loyal husband, and prompt tax payer.

He compares how these different personas would behave in different scenarios such as relationship problems, being pulled over by police, and losing out on movie parts the lattermost of those featuring his son saying Nick Cannon is "hil-AIR-ious", ultimately meriting Chappelle's response: You think he's so goddamn hilarious because he just walked off with your school clothes money. That's funny isn't it? As seen in the DVD's behind-the-scenes, Wayne Brady initially felt uneasy about saying what was agreed on as the linchpin line: A take-off on the famous s commercial for McDonald's with one of their first African-American characters "Calvin".

Puppeteer Noel MacNeal served as the puppeteer and consultant on this skit. He has worked on various Jim Henson projects since the early s. The song played during the club scene exhibits original production and has been requested by many. Dave impersonates Lil Jon and shows what he is like in his normal life at an airport, at the doctor and in an interview. He parodies the rapper by frequently yelling out his gestures in his conversations example: Flight attendant: Did you pack the bags yourself?

Lil Jon: Flight Attendant: Then you're all set. Aside from these antics, Chappelle speaks with a dignified upper-class tone when speaking regularly. The real Lil' Jon made one appearance and the two had a phone conversation. Season three was advertised as the " lost episodes " and began airing on July 9, The third and final episode aired on July 23, Clubgoers dance to a posthumously released "new" Tupac song, supposedly recorded in Tupac's lyrics begin to comment anachronistically on current events and even on the listeners, parodying the commercial exploitation of Tupac's memory and the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

All of the actions described by Method Man are those mentioned by Tron who's in hospital , who claims that he was tortured by Method himself. After the sketch, hosts Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy perform their own mini-sketch where producer Neal Brennan tells them that Dave has fled to Africa, prompting Rawlings to change his catchphrase: In a parody of former presidential candidate Howard Dean 's campaign, Chappelle poses as an African-American version of the governor, complete with swearing and a catchphrase, "Byaah!

To support his campaign, Black Dean makes a less-than-twenty-seconds music video called "Byaah! Post a Comment. Pages Home About. Aug 1, List of Chappelle's Show Episodes. I love Chappelle's Show. I have all the episodes, and occasionally I want to watch a particular skit or musical act. I used to go to the Wikipedia article for the show and find the information I wanted.

Recently much of the article's contents have been deleted. Same thing happened to the list of individual sketches. Luckily Google search's cache had the pre-deletion articles, so I've taken it upon myself to save this information in a permanent place. I suppose I can also re-add the information to the article, but what if it gets deleted again? I can't take that risk. Here it is: Season 1: Clayton Bigsby 2.

Season 1 Season one originally aired from January 22, to April 9, Sketch Description Frontline: Clayton Bigsby "Blind Supremacy", featured the life of Clayton Bigsby played by Chappelle , a biography of a blind white supremacist who is not aware that he is actually a black man. This sketch was featured in the first episode and helped Chappelle gain significant notoriety for the way that the sketch used racial epithets mostly spoken by Chappelle's character.

Other "Frontline" sketches featured stories of racist animal actors and gay versions of everything from the Department of Motor Vehicles to the Ku Klux Klan. Pretty White Girl Sings Dave's Thoughts Chappelle says his thoughts are too controversial for America to hear coming from a young black man, but if a pretty white girl sang his thoughts, he could get away with it. Dave writes his thoughts on scraps of paper, passes them to a Pretty White Girl played by Erin Hill and she proceeds to sing them, running the gamut from crack, Biggie Smalls, J-Lo and how all white people look alike.

This sketch was performed live in front of the studio audience. When there he manages to urinate on the town, smoke the trees, fight godzilla and stick his penis in a volcano. Ask a Black Dude Paul Mooney answers questions about black people from both famous and anonymous white people. All of the lines were improvised; Mooney received sole writing credit for the Ask a Black Dude sketches. Popcopy A parody of the Kinko's franchise's training videos which informs employees that they can treat customers badly and offers suggestions on how to insult and mistreat customers.

The Playa Hater's Ball Chappelle and Murphy star as foul-mouthed pimp -like characters each vying for the top position of "Playa Hater of the Year" by insulting each other and being as dishonorable as possible. They proceed to hate on "a diverse array of mark-ass marks, trick-ass marks, punk bitches, skig-skag skanks and scallywags, ho's, heifers, heehaws, and hoolihoos. Ice-T appears as himself and Murphy plays Buc Nasty. The sketch is a spoof on the Players Ball , an annual gathering of pimps in Chicago.

The party has been a November tradition since The Mad Real World A parody of MTV 's The Real World , in which a mild-mannered white male played by stand-up comedian Christian Finnegan moves in with a group of antagonistic black roommates who spend their time smoking cannabis, acting recklessly and humiliating and beating their token white roommate mercilessly, such as most roommates having sex with his girlfriend Katie and stabbing his dad.

When the white roommate eventually responds with an angry outburst, the other roommates accuse him of being violent and vote to have him kicked off the show. They do however note that 'if worse comes to worst, we reserve the right to fuck you up. Turn My Headphones Up In a parody of the mixtape promotion that propelled 50 Cent 's debut, Dave portrays rapper Fisticuffs who was reportedly shot eight times in his left ear. The sketch also satirizes the tendency of some rappers to bark directions at studio producers at the beginning of their songs, and to include these vocals in their finished tracks.

Fisticuffs is being highly touted by VJs Funkmaster Flex and Big Tigger but because of his deafness it is unclear whether he has even recorded a song, or whether he is just asking for his headphones to be turned up louder the whole time. Reparations Day The government gives all descendants of slaves their reparations for slavery. As a result, the financial market booms, highlighted by Kentucky Fried Chicken and FUBU becoming the most powerful corporation, after a merger, in the world.

A man named Tron Carter wins enough money in dice games to become the world's richest man.

Chappelle Show Hookup History Popcorn Greatest moments in hookup history dave chappelle show A. Not that Chappelle's Show ever had to follow a particular flow in order “Great Moments In Hook-Up History”: A sequel to a similar segment in the never tried the “penis in the popcorn” technique on display in this iteration.

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Greatest moments in hookup history dave chappelle show A titles sketch series created by a young college gf to dave chappelle gets.

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Season one originally aired from January 22, to April 9, Some lines, especially from Chappelle, were improvised.

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Dave chappelle great moments in hookup history

But not every single piece sustains the weight of such analysis. It might work. It might not. Who cares? What instead unfolds is a sloppy hookup upon their passed-out bodies. Chappelle looks at the ways movies would work in actual, everyday life over two separate segments. Sample advice consists of: Paul Mooney returns to answer two pop-culture-related questions. The first has to do with why black characters always die first in horror movies. The second comes from author Stephen King, who asks if black people prefer doing business with black professionals. Kelly bad.

Dave chappelle great moments in hookup history

Dave plays a blind, angry white supremacist who joins the KKK, but doesn't know he's black. Also featuring a musical performance by Slum Village. Episode 11 - Fisticuffs Release Date: Training and experience and those with higher levels of fitness and sports and still they can't. Dave visits a kid with cancer, but takes no mercy when he plays the kid at Playstation 2.

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But not every single piece sustains the weight of such analysis. It might work. It might not. Who cares? What instead unfolds is a sloppy hookup upon their passed-out bodies.

Great moments in hookup history chappelle show popcorn

When Mayer plays the guitar, well behaved white people turn crazy and when Questlove plays the drums in a black barbershop, everybody starts rapping. In a later episode in the same season, Chappelle satirizes one of the rappers for applauding his own freestyle. Roboto produces a time machine at the Playa Haters science fair, they use it to go back to "hate" on various historical figures, such as Adolf Hitler. While in Hitler's office they repeatedly slap him and Beautiful sprays him in the face with hairspray. They also wind up at a slave plantation , where Silky Johnson shoots a slave master after a slave asks him when he will be free.

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The following is a list of sketches performed on the Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show. Some lines, especially from Chappelle, were improvised. Also improvised was the scene in which the roommates run from the cops. On DVD commentary, Chappelle and series co-creator Neal Brennan revealed that a siren just went off and they went from there. According to Chappelle, it was meant as a send-up of actual Real World situations in which a sole black man is labeled as crazy and violent by an otherwise white group.

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